Starting the Peachtree

I know you are excited to get
started. Operating a business is a nonstop process, but you have to put first
thing first.
Starting the
You can start the Peachtree
easy way or the hard way, choice is yours. I prefer the easy way. When you
installed Peachtree, it placed two icons on your windows desktop, you can
simply double-click the Peachtree Complete Accounting icon.
Keep in mind this one
information point. Peachtree comes in three versions: Peachtree First
Accounting, Peachtree for Windows, and Peachtree Complete Accounting for
Windows. In this lecture, we will cover Peachtree Complete Accounting for
Windows 2012, which is the most complete of the three products.
Opening Window
After you start Peachtree,
what do you do with it? The Peachtree opening screen appears. You can go any of
these directions.
There are three options on the above picture, that is, (i) Open an Existing Company (ii) Create a new Company (iii) Other tasks: Explore a Sample Company

1. Open an Existing Company:
Select open an existing company (the First option), Sage Peachtree displays the Open an Existing Company window (See Picture 2), where recently opened companies are listed.
Select the name of the company you want to open from the Company Name List, and select OK. If a company name in not listed, click the Browse button to locate and select the company you want to open.
2. Create a New Company:
When you click on “Create a New Company“, Peachtree provides the New Company Setup Wizard. Where you provide Peachtree with basic information such as name and address. In addition, you select your chart of accounts, choose your accounting and posting methods, and specify how your accounting periods are set up. 
3. Explore a Sample Company:
Use this option to explore one of two fictitious companies. One company, Bellwether Garden Supply, is a retail and service company that uses most of the features of Peachtree, including inventory and job costing. The Other fabricated company, Pavilion Design Group, is a service business that uses the time and billing features of Peachtree.

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