A Quick Approach to Statistics by Dr. G R Pasha

A Quick Approach to Statistics by Dr. G R Pasha

A Quick Approach to Statistics by Dr. G R Pasha

Now you can download or read-online an excellent book  namely, A Quick Approach to Statistics[Study Text] written by, Dr. G R Pasha

Statistics is the collection of methods- for planning experiments, obtaining data and then organizing, summarizing,resenting,analyzing, interpreting and drawing conclusions based on data.
Statistical Methods
Statistical methods are those ways that are used to collect, present, analyze,and interpret quantitative data.

Type of Statistics
There are two major types of Statistics: Descriptive Statistics and Inferential Statistics: ·
Descriptive Statistics
It consists of methods for organizing and summarizing information in a presentable and effective way.
Inferential Statistics –
It consists of methods of drawing conclusions about a population based on information obtained from a sample of the population.
Data: A collection of facts from which conclusions may be drawn
Types of Data
Generally, data can be classified by their nature and ‘fay of collection.
Types of Data (Nature) .
Qualitative Data:
Qualitative (or Categorical or Attribute) data can be separated into different categories that are distinguished by some non-numerical characteristics. For example, gender of person, blood type, and eye color etc.
Quantitative Data: Quantitative data consist of numbers representing counts or measurements such as number of patients in a hospital, ages of a group of persons, data about height and weight of individuals entry ·
Quantitative data can be further classified into discrete and continuous data

All type of count data are referred as discrete data where measured data are referred as continuous data.
Discrete Data:
Data obtained by categorizing subjects so that there is a distinct interval between any two possible values e.g_., number of patients in a hospital and number of chairs in a room etc.
Continuous Data
Continuous data resume from ·infinitely many possible values that can be associated with points· on a continuous scale in such a way that there are no gaps or interruptions. For example, data about height and weight of individuals etc.

Book Name   : A Quick Approach to Statistics 

Writer(s)              Dr. G R Pasha

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Pages             210
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A Quick Approach to Statistics [Text Book]– by Dr. G R Pasha

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