Lecture # 3 Basics of Excel Formulas – Ultimate Excel Course in Urdu

Lecture # 3 Basics of Excel Formulas – Ultimate Excel Course in Urdu

Lecture # 3 Basics of Excel Formulas - Ultimate Excel Course in Urdu

OK in this lecture we’re going to be talking about what is a formula and what can it do for you. And this is an important question because the formula is the basis for almost all of the calculations that you’ll do using spreadsheets and excel.

So what is a formula?
There are a lot of ways to define a formula but basically is an expression and that can be mathematical or using language to calculate the value of a cell. And I’ll give you the most basic example if I have 5 in the cell and five in this cell in the third cell I can create an equation or a formula that will calculate a new value for the third cell and we always start a formula with the equal sign.
And in this case we’re going to add the first two cells. So we’re going to take the value of A-one plus the value of a two and enter. And you can see the formulas here equals A-one Plus a 2.
And it’s taking the five plus the 5. Adding them together and giving us 10 and that’s a formula. So you can see it in this case it’s just a simple maths equation and we could easily change this formula by turning this to a division sign.
And you’ll see that now the answer is 1 5 divided by 5 equals warm.
Or we can change it to a minus sign.
And the answer is now zero.
So five minus five is zero.
And finally we can change it to a multiplication sign which happens to be an aster-ix five times five equals twenty five. So therefore really simple but powerful mathematical calculations that you can do simply by entering that formula into your Excel spreadsheet.


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