Learn Basic College Statistics Part-1

Learn Basic College Statistics Part-1 

Learn Basic College Statistics Part-1

Statistics is a science of decisions. A very valueable and most useful subject in research and analytics based fields. Now a days, the importance of Statistics is much more needed in Data Science and related fields. So it has a wide usage in every field, either biological science researches or business analysis, computational in engineering or in computer science filed. In almost every filed of life, Statistics is needed.

So in this course you will find good discussion on the following areas:

1 – What is Statistics
2 – Random Samples 
3 – Introduction to Experimental Design 
4 – Bar Graphs, Circle Graphs, and Time-Series Graphs 
5 – Frequency Distributions, Histograms, and Related Topics 
6 – Stem-and-Leaf Displays 
7 – Measures of Central Tendency – Mode, Median, and Mean 
8 – Measures of Variation 
9 – Mean and Standard Deviation of Grouped Data 
10 – Percentiles and Box-and-Whisker Plots

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