IUB Associated Degree in Commerce (ADC) Complete Syllabus

IUB Associated Degree in Commerce(ADC) – Complete Syllabus
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ADC 01101 Fundamentals of Financial Accounting

ADC 01102 Business Fundamentals & Structures

ADC 01103 Business Math & Statistics

ADC 01104 Functional English

ADC 01105 Islamic & Pakistan Studies

ADC 01105 Islamic & Pakistan Studies


ADC 01201 Advanced Financial Accounting

ADC 01202 Business Economics

ADC 01203 Cost Accounting

ADC 01204 Business Communication & Report Writing

ADC 01205 Computer Application in Business

ADC 01222 Internship


ADC 01301 Financial Reporting

ADC 01302 Accounting Information System

ADC 01303 Business Taxation – I

ADC 01304 Business Law

ADC 01305 Management Accounting


ADC 01401 Financial Statement Analysis  Course

ADC 01402 Business Taxation – II

ADC 01403 Business Sociology

ADC 01404 Theory and Practices of Banking

ADC 01405 Audit & Assurance

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