What are the sources of entrepreneurial stress and discuss the ways of dealing with stress.

 What are the sources of entrepreneurial stress and discuss the ways of dealing with stress?


Entrepreneurs experience four types of
. The first is loneliness. Although there are many people around the
entrepreneur, there are few in whom he can confide. Another stress is immersion
in business.

A successful entrepreneur may make enough
money for vacations, but never have the time to go because the business would
not allow it.  People’s problems are
another type of stress.  The entrepreneur
may get frustrated, disappointed, and aggravated by employees or other
individuals upon whom the venture’s work depends. Usually, this happens when the
entrepreneur’s expectations of high performance are not met. The last source
of stress is the need to achieve. The entrepreneur usually attempts to accomplish
too much and sometimes cannot manage to control the need for achievement.  The three steps an entrepreneur can take to
reduce stress are acknowledging its existence, developing coping mechanisms,
and probing for personal unacknowledged needs. There are five ways in which an
entrepreneur can cope with stress. First is networking.  Networking involves sharing experiences with
other business owners.  Another coping mechanism
is to get away from it all. These interludes help combat immersion in business.

Communicating with subordinates may help
to cope with stress. The entrepreneur can be aware of the concerns employees
have about their jobs.   Finding
satisfaction outside of the company is also important. The entrepreneur needs
to get away and enjoy life. The last way an entrepreneur can deal with stress
is by delegating.  Appropriate delegates
need to be found and trained so the entrepreneur can gain time away from the

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