Learn C Language | For Beginners

Learn C Language | For Beginners 

C is one of the most widely used programming languages today. The language itself is object-oriented, offering you the utmost control over data usage, interface, and resource allocation.

This course covers the fundamentals of programming in  C.  Created for the novice programmer, this course assumes no prior knowledge of computer programming. The main elements of the language are introduced step by step in a logical, gradient manner.  This approach will give you a solid foundation for writing useful, correct, maintainable, and efficient code. 

Under this course, the following topics will be covered.

Chapter # 00: Introduction
  1. Introduction
Chapter # 01: Getting Started
  1. Installation and Setup
  2.  Getting Started
  3.  The Basics
  4.  Understanding C++
Chapter # 02: Getting Started
  1. Understanding a C Program
  2. Sending text to output
  3. Challenge Add a puts() statement
  4. Solution Add a puts() statement
  5. 02_05_Adding comments to the code
  6. 02_06_Exploring the print f() function
  7. 02_07_Challenge Add a new line
  8. 02_08_Solution Add a new line
  9. 02_09_Working with escape characters in print f
  10. 02_10_Challenge Use escaped characters
  11. 02_11_Solution Use escaped characters
  12. 02_12_Working with values and placeholders
  13. 02_13_Introducing variables
  14. 02_14_Using character IO
  15. 02_15_Exploring strings and more IO
  16. 02_16_Working with math
  17. 02_17_Making more calculations
Chapter # 03: Program Flow Control
  1. 03_01_Making a decision with if
  2. 03_02_Making multiple decisions with switch-case
  3. 03_03_Looping with while
  4. 03_04_Repeating chunks of code with for
  5. 03_05_Challenge Output a series of numbers
  6. 03_06_Solution Output a series of numbers
  7. 03_07_Nested loops
  8. 03_08_Adding a function
  9. 03_09_Passing values to a function
  10. 03_10_Challenge Evaluate a number
  11. 03_11_Solution Evaluate a number
  12. 03_12_Returning a value from a function
Chapter # 04: Intermediate C Language Concepts
  1. 04_01_Manipulating single characters
  2. 04_02_Manipulating strings
  3. 04_03_Exploring constants and placeholders
  4. 04_04_Building arrays
  5. 04_05_Creating multidimensional arrays
  6. 04_06_Challenge Add a dimension to an array
  7. 04_07_Solution Add a dimension to an array
  8. 04_09_Working with time functions

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