Five Elements (Factors) of the Process of Communication

Q. Discuss five elements (Factors) of the process of communication.
Answer:      Communication is the exchange of ideas between two minds. This process of exchanging idea is based on following five factors.

Five Elements (Factors) of the Process of Communication

1. Sender:- 

Sender is the individual who starts the procedure of correspondence. He creates a thought in his brain with respect to generation development, advancement, demand, request, enquiry and so forth. In this way, he is the primary factor of correspondence procedure and his capacity is to produce a thought. Thusly, it is vital that the thought ought to be clear, and convertible into message. For this reason, the sender needs to apply his insight and innovative power.

The thought in the psyche of sender is changed into words that is called message. The sender chooses the length, style, association and tone of the message. The message might be introduced from multiple points of view, contingent upon the subject, reason, crowd, individual style, state of mind and social foundation.

3. Media:- 

The media of transmission of message are electronic media as T.V., radio, PC and print media as papers, letter, magazine and so forth media assume a critical job in helping the collector’s comprehend the message. A wrongly picked medium can intrude on the procedure of correspondence, Selection of medium relies on message, crowd, desperation and circumstance.

4. Collector:- 

Collector is the individual who gets the message from the sender, unravels it, gets it and deciphers it.

5. Criticism:-

Having comprehended the message, the collector reacts to the sender in yes or no or makes further inquiries. This procedure is called criticism.

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