Explain the Process of Communication

Q. Explain the Process of Communication.


Q. “Communication  is  a  two  way  process  of  exchanging ideas or information between two human beings”. Explain this statement with the help of a diagram.


Communication simply means exchange of ideas & information between two persons. A person sends a message to another person and gets the response from the receiver on the message.

Process of Communication
This whole phenomenon can be explained as under.

1. Sender’s thoughts:-

The very first step in the process of communication is generation of thought in the sender’s mind. These thoughts may be about a request, order, inquiry production or any other such activity.

2. Encoding / Message:-

The thought generated in the mind of sender is ambiguous and unable to be communicated unless it is put into a receivable form. This step is known as encoding where the sender converts his thought into a message by means of a language. For example, a sender thinks about having a job. Now, he will put his thought on a paper. That is called job application. In his way, his thought becomes a message.

3. Transmission through media:-

Once a thought is converted into message, it should be transmitted to the receiver through a suitable medium. This media might be electronic media as T.V., E-mail, radio etc. or it may be print media like newspaper, magazines, letters or merely sound that is transmitted through the medium of air.

4. Noise and Barriers:-

While transmitting the information to the receiver, the sender faces lots of barriers. These noise and barriers are explained as under:

     (i) On sender’s side:- Noise and barriers may take place during the process of encoding. Some of them may be caused by distraction, lack of concentration, typing mistake, poor language etc.

     (ii) In the medium:- Some barriers are caused by medium such as poor transmission on T.V. and radio misprinting in newspapers etc.

     (iii) On receiver’s side:- The receiver can also create certain barriers to the receiving of message such as poor reading ability, emotions, lack of concentration etc.

5. Decoding by Receiver:-

Having  received  the message  form  the sender,  the receiver  attempts  to understand  and interpret the message. This process of converting the language of message into thoughts is known as decoding. For instance, the receiver, having received job application, reads the application and understands the message conveyed by the applicant.

6. Idea Received:-

As soon as the process of decoding is finished, the idea given by the sender is received by the receiver. It means the thought that was generated in the mind of sender has been transmitted to the mind of receiver. In our example, the sender wanted to inform the receiver about his thought of having a job. Now the sender has got this idea.

7. Feed back:-

Process of communication  is incomplete  until the receiver  responds  to the sender. This response  may  be  negative,  positive,  or  for  further  inquiry.  It  means  when  the  receiver  of  job application welcomes or regrets the sender, the process of communication is deemed to be complete.

This whole process can be depicted through the following diagram.

Explain the Process of Communication

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