Entrepreneurship Important Questions with Answers

Entrepreneurship Important Questions with Answers

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Question 1.  Explain the
concept of entrepreneurship with the help of a diagram.

Question 2. How an enterprise gives benefit society, the country, and an entrepreneur?

Question 3:  Explain and discuss the “dark side” of

Question 4:  Name the sources of entrepreneurial stress
and discuss the ways of dealing with stress.

Question 5: Define ethics and discuss
some conflicts over the ethical nature of decisions.

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Question 6: How does an entrepreneur
stimulate the economy?

Question 7: Procedure or steps for starting up a small-scale

Q. 8: What are the Techniques for
generating an idea?

Q. 9:  
Define business plan. Explain the steps/ procedure/ guidelines for
writing a business plan?

Q. 10: Define a business plan and reasons
for writing a business plan?

Q. 11: Write the types of the business plans?

12: What are the common Myths (misconceptions) about Entrepreneurs?

13:  Describe the common Pathways that an
entrepreneur chooses for purchasing a business venture?

Q. 14 what are the basic steps for
Acquiring an established entrepreneurial venture?

Q. 15:  What are the Sources of Innovation?

Question 16:  Discuss the approaches to Entrepreneurship.

Question 17: What is Environmental

 Question 18: Explain three major reasons why new ventures fail.

Question 19: List and describe three pitfalls in selecting a new

Question 20: What are three critical factors in a new venture assessment?

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Question 21: What are the five specific feasibility phases that a new venture will go

Question 22: What sorts of legal issues can be overlooked when assessing an
entrepreneurial opportunity?

Question 23: What is a business opportunity?

Question 24: Describe the elements of a business opportunity.

Question 25: Briefly explain the new-old approach to creating new ventures.

Question 26: What is the role of business brokers in acquiring an established
entrepreneurial venture?

Question 27: Why did the Federal Trade Commission enact the Franchise Rule?

Question 28: What do you know about Business Plan?

Question 29: Who should write the plan?

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Question 30: Discuss the Importance of the business plan.

Question 31: Define Marketing Strategy. What does the
Marketing strategy of a company include?

Question 32: Define Marketing Mix. What are the components of the Marketing Mix? 

Question 33: Define Entrepreneurial strategy. Describe the entrepreneurial
strategy process. What are the four major elements of the process and what does
each entail?

Question 34: Give three reasons why many entrepreneurs fail
to formulate strategic plans.  OR   Discuss the LACK OF STRATEGIC PLANNING.

Question 35: Briefly
identifies and describes the stages of development for a new venture.

Question 36: Define Entrepreneur. Discuss the Functions of an

Question 37: Define Entrepreneur. Give a note on the Entrepreneurial Process.

Question 38: Define Entrepreneur. What are essential Qualities required for an entrepreneur?

Question 39: Define Entrepreneurship. Discuss factors that are affecting Entrepreneurship:

Question 40:

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